Tips on Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

Cannot be denied bridesmaid be an element any less important in the day of marriage. Therefore, pay more attention to the appearance of your bridesmaids, one of which is worn: Just like the bride, bridesmaids also need a beautiful bridesmaids robe on the day of the wedding. Here Tips on Choosing Gown for Bridesmaids that you can make an option.

Color Accents

Pair two colors at once for your bridesmaid dresses. Can choose the blend of one color degradation or combine two different colors but still looks good. For example, a mix of dark green with light green, white with yellow, and others.

 The same ‘cover’

Have some of your bridesmaids refuse to wear clothing with an open design on top? For example, one left shoulder. Instead of imposing your will and making the bridesmaids comfortable, you can provide ‘cover’ such as cardigans, knitting ponchos or bolero.

Unique costumes

Want your wedding party to look unique, maybe one of the ways to provide something bold for your bridesmaids. For example, take the cowboy theme where the companion bridesmaids use knee-length boots. Visit if you’re looking for unique design for bridesmaids robe.

All white

It’s OK to choose white for your bridesmaid’s dress. Make a different companion dress design of your wedding dress. Can also provide a little motif or other accessories that distinguish it from the wedding dress. For example, giving obi or pin of interest.

Full color

To add a cheerful atmosphere to your wedding, can choose a colorful bridesmaid dress. Can choose a row of colors of the rainbow or one color, gradation for your bridesmaid.

Favorite color

Choosing a bridesmaid dress based on your favorite color? Legitimate done, considering the wedding day is your day.

 Mix and match

Bored with a monotonous bridesmaid dress? You can set themes with bridesmaids. For example, the theme “flowers” or “polka dot, then apply the theme to the bridesmaid dresses. Dress models can be various, be it one shoulder or other, as long as it contains the same theme.

Playing patterns

There are no rules that mention the bridesmaid dress should be plain without motive. For that do not be afraid to play the motive, be it polka dot, vertical or other.

Interesting accessories

You have specified the color and model of the dress for bridesmaids. And to make it not monotonous, can add various accessories or match. Not only accessories such as necklaces or jewelry, you can choose shoes until the hair piece. Appropriate to your taste or can discuss it with bridesmaids.