Here Are Fashion Hacks That Can Make Your Stomach Look Flat


Having a distended stomach can sometimes reduce a person’s self-confidence, especially in women. Understandably every woman would want to always look beautiful and fashionable every day. But don’t worry, having a distended stomach won’t prevent you from looking fashionable, as long as you know the tricks to cover it up. Well, here are some fashion tricks that can cover your big belly. You’ll find amazing info about it on this waist trainer before and after page. Keep scrolling!

Wearing a Corset

Of course, everyone already knows this one underwear. Corsets are underwear that is wrapped around the chest, abdomen, and hips. Usually, corsets are used by women who have just given birth to keep their stomachs tight. Well, for those who have a distended stomach, you can also use a corset to give a flat stomach effect when wearing clothes, you know! Therefore, the nature of the corset is to press and tighten. Now, by using a corset, you will be freer in choosing clothes without worrying about your belly looking bloated.

Wear the Shapewear

Shapewear is a new type of the corset. The difference is that shapewear does not only focus on the stomach but can also lift the breasts and buttocks. The use of shapewear will form a more proportionate silhouette of the body from the top to the bottom. By using this shapewear, you don’t need to be afraid that your stomach will look bloated when you wear clothes. You can find the best shapewear bodysuit at FeelinGirl.

Wearing High Waist and Cardigan

Well, besides using a corset and shapewear, you can also use a high waist. The high waist is a pants model with a high waist, usually used above the stomach. Pants with a model like this will hold the stomach from sagging so that it will automatically look flatter. However, this high waist is only good to use when combined with a cardigan and the shape of the waist is not too big. If you have a waist that is too large, your body will look fuller and shorter. You have to be smart in choosing the high waist that suits your body shape.

Wearing a Top with a Peplum Model

For those who don’t know, peplum is a model for clothes that are tight at the top but bloom and accumulate at the waist. A top model with a cut like this is suitable for those who have a distended stomach because people’s attention to our stomachs will be distracted by a pile at the waist. In addition, this clothing model will focus on the upper part so that the body will look slimmer.

So, there is no more reason not to be confident with your belly, right? Just prepare and buy the fashion items above at FeelinGirl and you are ready to look fashionable!