Getting Glam’ed up for Your Formal Event or Gala

Formal events can be a great deal of fun, providing you with the opportunity to get dolled up and embrace a more elegant side of you that you wouldn’t normally showcase. Your dress or other formalwear choices may be the first step, but to achieve that red carpet look, you may want to embrace your glamorous side. Consider these options for a truly captivating flair for your next event.

Hair Extensions

If you feel like you want voluminous hair, but you don’t have the type of hair or body that you need to achieve that, consider hair extensions White Plains NY. With this addition to your look, you can give a natural look that adds just a little something extra. Those gorgeous, bountiful locks are just what you need to give you that red carpet look.

Nailing It

Getting your nails done can make your event feel that much more exciting and elegant. If you don’t normally get your nails done, consider taking some time to get a classy gel manicure. If you are looking for that extra something, consider adding some fine details on one of your fingers to exhibit some added elegance. This finer detail may be something that puts the cherry on top of your gorgeous glam.

Showcase Dramatic Makeup

Whether you typically wear makeup or if you never do, dramatic makeup can be a great method to create a stunning look. Whether you prefer glittery glam or smoky drama, upping your makeup to showcase a look that you don’t normally sport can make you feel like a star. Limit your focal point to one area of your face, so focus on just drama around your eyes or just on your lips to avoid an over the top look.

Perfectly Accessorized

If you want to complete your look with the perfect finishing touch, make sure that you perfectly pair accessories to your look. While a purse is often a necessary feature due to the lack of pockets on dresses, make sure that you choose a smaller, less conspicuous option that does not detract from your look. From jewelry to your purse to your shoes, all of these can be paired together cohesively and elegantly.

Formal affairs can be a great time to showcase a side of you that you don’t normally get to show off. While it may not be something you are particularly familiar with, you may find yourself enthralled with the fun of dressing up. Consider how you can integrate some of these fanciful changes to glam up and look red-carpet ready.