Differio Is Scaling Mens Clothing Online with a Single App

Social media is probably the best thing to happen to fashion ecommerce. Currently, there are approximately 5 million active business profiles on Instagram, according to BigCommerce. Among the dozens of social media apps out there, Instagram is one of the top commerce platforms to drive traffic, revenue and brand awareness, especially for men’s clothes online stores like Differio.com.

Men’s trendy clothing has been so successful that it’s already expected to outpace womenswear in revenue within the next five years. With this much growth, it might seem easy for menswear ecommerce stores to get their brand known on Instagram. However, there’s more strategy that meets the eye than simply inputting hashtags and adding followers.

Among mens clothing stores online, Differio knows how to use Instagram to their advantage by staying ahead of social ecommerce trends. Here are some of the ways we noticed Differio uses Instagram to generate sales and increase traffic with mens streetwear.

  1. Customer Service via Comments

Even if you’re not an active Instagram user, you’re most likely using this social media app to check out the latest arrivals in fashion clothes for men on your favorite menswear account. The beauty of Instagram is that it’s so easy for followers to ask questions about a specific product, like exact measurements, fit style and fabric details.

Customer service is one of the most important forms of communication between businesses and consumers. In order to prove your brand’s integrity and display transparency, it’s crucial to deliver top-notch customer service, especially for start-up stores selling mens clothing online. More importantly, Instagram is an easy way to show your followers that you’re dedicated to meeting their expectations.

If you scroll through Differio’s Instagram posts, they keep an open channel with their followers. Whether it’s responding to a comment with an emoji or replying to shipping inquiries, they’re constantly engaging with their followers. This especially pays off on a social-media platform because it encourages other followers to return back for more urban clothing for men.

  1. Follower Appreciation via Regramming

You might think one of the easiest ways to scale stylish mens clothing online is through posting famous Instagram influencers wearing new men’s skinny jeans or high-top sneakers. They’re the next generation of celebrities that are hitting red carpet events and sitting front row at Fashion Week.

While this is definitely an easy way to spread awareness, it’s not always the most cost effective. Even influencers with only 100k followers can demand up to $5,000 per post, which means hiring mega influencers would be just the same as hiring any other celebrity or supermodel.

With that said, some ecommerce stores like Zara man are choosing a more profitable route by regramming posts of their followers wearing their newest clothing styles. It’s not only free promotion, but also encourages other followers to post their outfit-of-the-day posts in sexy clothes for men. It’s a win-win situation for consumers to get their five minutes of IG fame and ecommerce shops to boost promotions.

  1. Promoting Campaigns via Multimedia

It’s inevitable that every trendy mens clothing online store is going to need a platform to promote new arrivals and ad campaigns. This is what makes Instagram so effective. It’s already a social media app that completely focuses on imagery, which is perfect for ecommerce stores to display their merchandise.

Furthermore, you might’ve noticed that some business accounts only limit themselves to standstill imagery. While this is by no means “wrong,” using different forms of media, like video, GIFs and audio, creates more engagement with followers.

You’ve probably already noticed that Differio switches up their posts with regrams, short videos, YouTube links and more. On top of Instagram launching IGTV, now ecommerce stores can also promote products through Stories and Shopify.