A Must-Try Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts for Women


The hairstyling industry might be flooded with pixie haircuts and other ridiculously short haircuts, but the fact is that we all have that undying urge to keep trying asymmetrical bob haircuts. Do you want to know why? Well, these hairstyles look amazing on all face shapes, and when it comes to ease in maintenance, they come second to none, which is a property most ladies look for when choosing haircuts.

Form messy and extremely short bobs; we have researched and selected ten best and trendiest asymmetrical bob haircuts for your inspiration this year. Take a look.

  1. Extended Brunette Bob.

The first must-have asymmetrical bob is this extended brunette bob haircut. The hairstyle will make you look chic and sophisticated at the same time.  The hair reaches the collarbone, which is a perfect length to highlight the eyes and come up with an impression of slimmer face shape.

  1. Short Bob.

This is a classic example of the impression a bob can achieve. The haircut has a serious edge that we doubt any lady would dismiss. The bob is stylish and contemporary. You can make yours even more unique by parting it at the center and adding some light layers.

  1. Angled Bob.

When you decide to rock an asymmetrical bob, it is not a must that you cut your hair short. Bobs can also be styled on mid-length hair and still look great and smoking sex. To create this look, maintain the hair longer compared to the chin-length to give you face a perfect framing without bringing out your facial features too much.

  1. Wavy Bob.

It is a side-swept look and looks pretty beautiful and sexy. The hairstyle features uneven lengths with beachy waves coming in varying textures. The look is quite dynamic and contemporary at the same time. This implies that you can rock this look almost on any occasion, both formal and informal.

  1. Two-Toned Bob.

The look is relaxed and polished, and this will be a great look for you. It is a great style for ladies with thick manes. To make it look unique, add some light layers to enhance the volume to your asymmetrical bob. Further, feathery layers will make it look soft to touch.

  1. Baby Bob.

The bob is what you need if you have a babyface. The styles feature swoopy layers that make the hair growing outlook super-glam. So, if you are considering this haircut, tell your hairdresser to cut the tips of your manes to achieve a soft and fuzzy hair full of shimmer and texture.

  1. Messy Bob.

The best aspect of this asymmetrical bob is that it keeps enough hair length to achieve enough texture. It also means you can style your hair upwards or downwards, depending on the event you want to attend.

With sexy feathery side bangs that direct attention to the middle of your face and on the layers, this haircut is an excellent example of an enigmatic and modern look for ladies.