3 Reasons to Celebrate on National Love Your Pet Day

February 20 is not only Hoodie Hoo Day – it’s National Love Your Pet Day.  Hoodie Hoo Day is celebrated by standing outdoors with your arms stretched overhead, shouting Hoodie Hoo at noon.  This holiday was invented to shake the winter doldrums and signal a desire for winter to turn to spring.  So Hoodie Hoo, winter’s almost through by February 20th each year.   You might not have a reason to celebrate Hoodie Hoo Day, but if you own a pet, chances are you can think of lots of reasons to celebrate them each day.  Here are just a few:

  1. Owning a pet improves our health – If you own a dog, you know how much they love to demonstrate their affection for you, and that positive reinforcement has been shown to be good for your overall health, and especially your heart. Not only do they eagerly demonstrate how much they love us with vigorous wags of their tail, unlike a spouse who might not even notice when you get home from work, your dog is so glad to see you, it will happily jump all over you.

Just as they improve our health, we should take care to maintain theirs.  Using the services of Allivet, an online pet pharmacy is an easy way to obtain the medicine and supplements, pet care supplies and equipment you need to keep your favorite animal well.  Using a money saving allivet coupon from Groupon can make the purchase more economical, and their fast shipping process makes it convenient.

  1. Pets Help Us Socialize – If you want to stop traffic, just hit the farmers market with your pet snake around your neck. Kids love to touch exotic pets, and there’s no better ice breaker than telling someone else about your favorite animal friend.
  2. Pets Allow Us to Show Empathy – We go through many stages of growth in the course of human events, and even when we lose that beloved pet at the end of their life, the memories we create and the bonds we shared stay with us for years. When you see someone grieving the loss of a pet, sharing your experience may be just the story they need to hear to start their healing process.

No one is sure how National Love Your Pet Day started, but since the early 2000’s each year on February 20, people go all out to show their, horse, goat, cat, parakeet, snake or hamster lots of love.  If you’re an appreciative pet owner download the Allivet app now, so at the first sign of illness, you can order the presecriptions you need to show them the love and care they’d happily show you.