10 Birthday Surprise Ideas for a Splendid Party


When it comes to birthday surprise ideas, you always want to go that one extra mile if it’s the birthday of someone you are really close to. And it is of no doubt that every person on the face of this planet absolutely loves a birthday surprise.

Create a day full of awesomeness for them and make yourself the best birthday planner for your dear ones. Bring out the birthday party organizer within you and throw a splendid surprise birthday party!

Start from jotting down all the things they love and their favorites and make a birthday schedule. Make sure each item on the list is ticked off with extraordinary set of birthday gift ideas. Make their birthday surprise even more special by giving them gifts round the clock.

Below mentioned are a series of tips that would make sure that all your surprise birthday ideas for your beloved are a sure shot hit.

  1. Prioritisation – First things first! Make a list of all the activities and elements involved in your surprise party. The logistics being the most important; including the size of your audience, the venue, and most importantly your budget. Choose a suitable date and time and make a list of all the people you want to invite. Share your birthday surprise ideas with a set of close friends who will help you in all the arrangements for the surprise birthday party.
  2. Secret Invitations – Of course, the key element of a successful birthday surprise lies in the secrecy involved. No clues must be left lying around, obvious or not obvious. Secrecy should be the prime focus of you secret squad! So send out secret invitations and gather RSVP. You could use lovely templates available on the internet to send out these invites. Also, make sure that the date, time and venue is clearly mentioned and instruct all the invitees to maintain secrecy.
  3. Time of Arrival – You can vary the time of arrival of the guests in 2 ways. One is where is the guest of honour of the surprise birthday party arrives at last after all the guests, and the other birthday surprise idea could be where the recipient comes first and is thrilled by the entry of incoming guests. It is your choice as a birthday surprise organizer as to how you would want your dear one to be surprised.
  4. Dress Code or no – Based upon what the birthday surprise recipient might wear, you could give dress code instructions to all the guests. Also if there’s a theme involved like a pool party, or just a casual get together you can ask them to dress accordingly.
  5. Theme of the Birthday Surprise – Creative birthday surprise ideas mostly come associated with a creative theme; without which your party would seem a little boring. As a birthday party organizer it is your responsibility to choose a creative theme to keep the recipient and the guests entertained. Depending on the personality, interests and hobbies of the recipient you shall plan a surprise party by choosing from a list of well-known themes or create your own.
  6. Decor – Depending on the designated venue you can chose the decor for the birthday surprise ideas you have. You could keep it simple, or flashy depending on the theme. A good party planner will always have the decor coordinated with the theme of the party.
  7. Activities – Arrange a few games that everyone can participate in so that the spirit of celebration doesn’t wither away. A few simple games with good music to go should be on the list of most used surprise birthday ideas!
  8. Food and Drinks – Opt for easy to eat and non-messy finger foods so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the place later. For drinks you could opt for hard/soft drinks depending on the nature of your birthday surprise.
  9. The Cake! – Hunt for the best baker available in the town and get your dear one his/her dream cake. Keep in mind his/her tastes and preferences while placing the order for the cake. Also determine the size of the cake and see that it is well coordinated the the theme of your birthday surprise idea.
  10. Birthday Gift – Surprise birthday gift ideas come in diversified and huge numbers. Try to recollect if your friend wanted something in the recent times. This could be the most sought after birthday gift idea. Since the recipient is so close to your heart, find him/her a birthday gift that he will remember all through his life!

Keep in mind all these birthday surprise ideas and give your dear ones a treat to cherish!