When Is It Time To Use Detoxification Shampoos?

You probably know that almost every workplace has a yearly health examination day with a drug test included. There are more different kinds of test. There’s the saliva option, the blood, urine, and hair follicle option. All have their own pros and cons, but the ones that are being used the most are urinalysis and the follicle tests.

People who had contact with some kinds of drugs immediately panic when they hear the moment of checking comes. However, sometimes there’s no need for panicking. Some drugs react differently in our body and occasional use of some of them shouldn’t make you worried. See how drugs affect our body here.

Which drugs are a reason to be worried?

It’s interesting that some of the most dangerous drugs, those causing heavy addictions and doing the most damage to your brain stay the shortest in our system and are probably not going to show on the test if you didn’t consume it just a few days before it and in small doses.

However, the most practiced drug in the world, the marijuana, which is declared legal in some countries in the world and USA states, the one that causes almost no addiction at all – stays the longest in our system. So if you like to smoke some pot from time to time, read on, and see what needs to be done.

How long can THC be detected in our system?

Depending on many factors, the longest that THC can be detected through a test can be 90 days. Amazing, huh? However, not every smoke means stress for three months.

We said many factors, right? Well, one of them is whether the user smokes daily or occasionally. Smoking for 2-3 days a week is considered light use and the effects of it can be detected for a shorter time. If the person smokes every day, the body is full of the substance and it takes a longer time for the system to flush every single part of it.

What to do in the worst case scenario?

If you’re facing the follicle test and you have two weeks time, you need to reach for some of the detox shampoos. If you’re not deep in this mess, you can just wait for the drug particles to go away by themselves. How to be sure? Well, there’s no wrong in trying the best detox shampoo and wash with it just in case.

If you are a daily user or you just smoked marijuana, it’s time to get your hands on the detox shampoos. What you need to know here is that there are more detox shampoos on the market and you need to get the best one.

The best shampoo to pass a hair follicle test is called Aloe Rid Old Formula. This is a solution that treats your hair and flushes it from toxins. It’s also the best and the only formula that is opted for use daily without actually damaging your hair.

With all this being said it’s clear that you should get this shampoo if the time is against you. It will need around 10 to 14 days to fully treat your hair and wash it off. If you have this time and more, use the solution as prescribed. The instruction manual says that you’re going to be clean between 10 and 14 days. Our experienced showed exactly that, but not every person is the same. Those that have more body fat, for example, might have a harder time to get rid of it, as THC likes to stay in our body fat. Now, body at is not as present in the scalp as other areas, but it’s still something that can make a difference.

Extreme situations

People who had the same experience and had to do something fast, all used some of the alternative methods known. The best one among them is the Macujo method which is proven to work. This is something that’s not recommended for constant practice, but if you absolutely must pass the test, then it’s probably the only card you have left in your sleeve.

The Macujo method is the one method that gets people to pass the test without exception. Yes, you’ll need to do a complex procedure for a fairly long time, but it will pay off in the end. What you need to do is first stop smoking or taking any drug for that matter. Then you’ll have to shop for a few solutions.

What you’ll need to order online and find in the stores are 4 main ingredients – vinegar, Aloe Rid Old Formula shampoo, Pink Clean and Clear skincare formula, and Tide laundry shampoo. It’s a strange combination of ingredients, right? It sure is, but it will get the job done.

First thing you need to do is wet your hair a little and then use the vinegar to rub it in the scalp. The vinegar is great for treating your skin. It will prepare your skin and treat the pores just the way needed for the later solutions. Then you should add the Clean and Clear solution and leave all this sit like that under a plastic cap for 30 minutes.

When all this is done, it’s time for the shampoo. Wash your hair with it and make sure it’s done thoroughly. This is the most important ingredient of them all and needs to be used with maximum care. When you wash it off completely, do it again, only this time using the Tide shampoo. That’s the Macujo method. Don’t forget to this again on the very day of the examination for maximum safety. Read some more details about it on the following link: https://hairfollicledrugtest.info/macujo-method-review/


With all written above, it’s clear that you don’t have to use detoxification shampoos on every occasion. You need to do it in the most needed ones. Like when the test is coming and you’re certain that there’s a great chance to fail. However, the best one will do the job if you follow the instructions we mentioned above.