Tips for Choosing a Christmas Dress



Hi! Counting the day before Christmas, what preparations have you made? In addition to preparing faith, Christmas cake, clothes will certainly be one of the main things you prepare before the feast. Yep. With different body shapes, each person certainly has different needs for clothes. You can buy the best clothes at

Still confused about what clothes to wear for Christmas? Here are the tips!

  1. Wide body

Have a wide body shape? No need to feel inferior. In fact, all women have their own beauty. You just need to avoid wearing loose leaves just because you want to cover your body shape. In choosing a dress, you should look at the dress material first. Choose those made from chiffon, silk, or thin taffeta that can accentuate the curves of the body. For the length of the dress, you should choose the length of the dress that is right on your knee, because the longer it goes down, the dress will give a wide impression on the body. Choose a dress with a neckline that shows the shoulder blades and avoids a turtleneck that means covering the entire neck.

  1. Mini body

If you have a small body, you can choose a dress above the knee length. You can also choose a piece of empire cut waist or a piece under the chest to highlight the beautiful bottom of the body. You can also combine evening dresses with pants. Choose pipe-shaped pants so that your legs look more level. Avoid wearing a dress that is too long even to the ankles, this will make you look “drowned” and getting smaller.

  1. Slim body

Yes! Your slim body shape is indeed a distinctive advantage that you can highlight in every appearance. Especially at Christmas this time. You can use almost all types of dresses from maxi dresses to mini dresses made of various types of materials. Even though it usually looks fashionable, the outfit and appearance on a holiday must be cooler? Maximize your appearance with a number of belt, clutch and other supporting accessories to make it look special on your evening dresses with sleeves.

In addition to celebrating the birthday of the Savior, Christmas is also inseparable from the activities of a series of worship services in the Church. Although you want to look fashionable, you should wear a dress that is polite and not too open so that it highlights the impression of being sweet, polite, and not too flashy. Cause we never know who we will meet in Church, right?