Beautiful and Easy Ways You Can Conceal Outdoor Equipment

You work hard on your landscaping for a yard that’s the envy of the neighborhood. However, air conditioning, pool equipment and trash cans are ruining your look. Since there is no such thing as concealment gear for outdoor equipment, you have to find other ways to camouflage them that doesn’t detract from the look you want to achieve. Read on for ideas.


Whether you like formal, manicured shrubbery or more free-form styles like spirea, there are plenty of options that can provide a visual barrier around your unsightly equipment. The best options are evergreen so you have year-round coverage. Pay attention to the mature size of any foliage, as you don’t want it to grow into or over the machinery.


Try building a small fence section to hide trash cans or other unsightly items behind when you aren’t using them. Use a wooden slat privacy fence for the most coverage. Be sure to leave enough room between the wall and the machinery or equipment to allow maintenance, if necessary.


If you have nowhere to put your trash cans, lawnmowers or other tools, a small shed can be the ideal solution. Keep the door wide enough to store the items easily. Paint or stain it to match your home. Be sure to put a latch for a lock if storing expensive equipment.

Trellis and Vines

A trellis and vines are a perfect addition to any yard. If you have something you’d rather not be seen, try giving tropical flowering vines somewhere to grow. Secure one or more around air conditioning or pool equipment, or set them side by side for a wider disguise.

The bonus with these suggestions is that they can minimize not only the look of the unsightly machinery but also add visual interest, color and texture to your yard.