5 Mistakes When Using Flat Iron

The flat iron or always can be a savior when you only have a short time to arrange your hair. No need to go to the salon, just use it for about 15 minutes, the hair is neatly arranged in an instant.

If you use faithful flat iron, especially every day, you should be careful because it can damage your hair. You should also pay attention to various Steam Flat iron Reviews.

Also, avoid doing these five things because it will make your hair worse.

1. The hottest setting

For everyday use, there is no need for flat iron sets in the hottest temperatures. Enough to be able to make hair look neater.

“You don’t need to set the temperature up to 450 degrees. Just 410 degrees, it’s enough to handle all types of hair,” said a hairdresser.

2. Do not use protection

This is the most common thing to do. Do not use protective hair cream when using the flat iron. As a result, even though the hair looks straight and is easy to arrange, but in a matter of weeks or months, it will crack.

If you don’t want that to happen, always apply a hair moisturizing cream before using a flat iron. Then, at least once a week apply the vitamins to the hair to prevent dryness.

3. Broken

When applying flat iron, it is often done not in one movement. We recommend that you comb your hair first, use a moisturizing cream, just apply a flat iron with one downward movement, and don’t cut it off. It can form a horizontal line in your hair.

4. Very straight

Don’t let the hair look like a board because it’s very stiff. For that reason, don’t apply flat iron straight down. Arrange the hair parallel to the face, then when using a flat iron, move your arms in C shape while straightening your hair, and slightly bending in the lower end of the hair.

5. Apply to slightly wet hair

The function of flat iron is to arrange hair and not dry it. If you use it on slightly wet hair, it will look smoke. The smell of hair is like burning and this will be left behind.