10 Colorful Color Combos for Blonde Ombre Hairstyles, Including Blue Ombre Hair

Blue ombre hair is just one of the many color options for those who are looking for a brilliant explosion of color for their locks. There are so many different ways to style ombre hair, from subtle combinations of pretty shades of the same color to bold and daring bursts of color. The possibilities for ombre color fades are limitless so there is plenty of room for imagination!

Blonde ombre hair is a popular choice for those who want a delicate yet beautiful look for their hair. And blonde ombre is a far cry from boring and ordinary. You can experiment with fiery reds, pretty pastels and stunning icy blonde hues for a saucy new style! If you want a sexy new look, blonde ombre is a great way to go!

Check out our 10 stylish options for blonde ombre, including a purple and blue ombre hair style that is absolute perfection! Don’t forget to pin the ones you like best when you are ready to take the ombre plunge!

10 Pretty Looks for Blonde Ombre Hair

  1. Brilliant Blue and Purple Mermaid Ombre
    This blue and purple ombre fade is out of this world. It starts with a brilliant bright blue and then fades to a lovely lavender and ends with a soft pastel shade of lilac. The sexy beach waves and pretty fishtail braid make this magical mermaid look just exquisite. If you want a look that’s bold, sexy and totally girly, this one’s got your name written all over it!
  2. Bronde to Platinum Blonde Ombre
    Bronde hair is taking the world by storm and this pretty bronde to pale blonde fade is no exception. The darker roots add depth to this delicate melt to icy blonde. Braiding or twisting your hair in a half ponytail is a fun way to dress up this classic color combo!
  3. Fiery Red to Blonde Ombre Melt
    Looking for a look that’s got a lot of attitude? Try this saucy combination of deep purplish red, dark auburn, fiery orange and yellow blonde for a striking blend of brilliant colors that are positively stunning! The intricate trio of braids pictured here is very modern and trendy if you want a look that’s en vogue. The platinum blonde tips look they have been dipped in paint to finish off this vivid canvas of color that’s remember an autumn sunset!

  4. Icy Blonde Ombre Waves
    Platinum blonde hair will never fall out of favor. This palest of pale blonde fades is timeless and sexy. If you are looking for a glam chic look, try this buttery blonde fade that ends in white blond tips for a fun and flirty look that will drive men wild. The soft curls add romance and mystery to this sassy mid length style.
  5. Brown to Blonde Sombre Boho Braided Updo
    Can’t decide if you want to be a brazen brunette or bombshell blonde? Why not try this dazzling caramel brown fade to honey blonde and light blonde balayage hues? There is plenty of depth to this pretty color combo but it looks even more exquisite and fashionable when braided into a funky boho braid for a look that’s ethereal and chic.
  6. Beachy Blonde Waves
    Beachy waves aren’t just for summertime! We think this dirty blonde to platinum blonde fade is tres chic! The sexy beach waves that cascade effortlessly down your back fade to a pale blonde that adds so much shine to your wavy locks!
  7. Sparkling Champagne Blonde Sombre Fade
    This sexy sombre fade is perfect for those with darker blonde hair who want a subtle yet sassy way to lighten up their dirty blonde locks! Start with a darker base and watch your hair cascade from  caramel honey blonde to a brilliant blonde sombre melt of golden curls that look like sparkling champagne!
  8. Salt and Pepper Blonde Balayage with Platinum Blonde Tips
    Salt and pepper hair is trending everywhere. This pretty shimmering color of thin black, silver and white blonde  balyage tones is very classy. The tips are a bold platinum blonde to add a bit of sass to this sexy style. This look is stunning on shorter straight hair for a mutational effect that’s mature and refined, yet still sassy enough to show ‘em you aren’t all business!
  9. Lilac and Silver Choppy Bob
    Lilac is one of the most popular choices for ombre hair. If you want a look that’s cute and impish, this lavender to the softest lilac. The choppy waves in this shoulder-length bob add a ton of body to any hair texture. This look is not for the faint of heart, but we think it’s delightful!
  10. Ash Blonde to Platinum Blonde Subtle Ombre
    This subtle melt from ashy blonde hues to platinum blonde is sophisticated and stylish if you want a polished look. The ashy tones give the platinum blonde added depth and dimension. This color combo is especially pretty on those with very long straight hair.

We hope you find these looks for blonde ombre hair inspiring! From blue ombre hair to fiery red shades, we have your covered!