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Benefits of Using Medallions and Coins

A lot of people have been having issues lately with how dependent they are with alcoholic beverages. There are also some people out there who are wanting to stop with the addiction. People are forming into groups who work together to help each other stop the alcohol addiction and start a new life. Group sponsor meetings are conducted to help these alcoholic members start a new life. What happens in these meetings is that each and everyone of the members are given the option to encourage one another on how alcohol addiction should be stopped. They help one another to promise that they will no longer have any alcoholic beverage. In this kind of group, you don’t only get friends but you develop a solid relationship that will later on turn into a second family for you. Because of this kind of relationship, a lot of people have already successfully overcome the hardships of alcohol addiction.

The reward system is also another major part in this activity, when a member stays sober, he or she will get a medallion or coin as a token to his or her sobriety. These coins will be made of different materials and will come in various colors. The coins will symbolize the number of days, months or years that a member has been sober and without any alcohol inside his or her system. There are also coins given out for twenty-four hour sobriety, the coin will be colored white. The next coin you will get will be a bronze coin, this symbolizes sobriety for a week. And when you reach the first month, you will get a metallic coin. And when times goes by and still the person is persistent in avoiding alcohol, he or she will get more and more coins. There are huge advances with the help of coin reward system, it gives them happiness and a sense of fulfillment because their hard work is noticed.

Coins are useful in encouraging others to stop with the alcohol addiction and start with the new life, it is not an easy task but it will be more rewarding with this kind of system.

If you want to win against the addiction, your best bet is to work together and work hard to get those coins, it will give you a sense of honor and respect that others will also follow and that will cause a chain reaction.

If you want to get rid of the addiction troubling you and your family, make sure that you follow this guide and acknowledge the importance of these medallions and coins.

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