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Important Auto Maintenance Tasks

A car that is regularly serviced saves the owner repair costs as it does not break down often; thus the motorists do not have those frequent garage visits. Another major reason to perform maintenance is the fact that it will consume little amount of fuel with frequent servicing. As a motorist, always note that lack of car maintenance services will lead to frequent breakdowns and in future, reduce the lifespan of the vehicle. Two activities performed on a vehicle are regular maintenance and normal repairs, each with its core functions; repairs are meant to fix a problem while maintenance is supposed to prevent a problem from happening as well as ensuring the vehicle remains in good working condition.

Most drivers can perform auto maintenance as it is not an uphill task. Activities involved in car maintenance are and not limited to checking the tyre pressure, oil changing, checking the engine fluid amongst others. Drivers can refer to the manual that comes with purchase of new vehicles on how to perform these maintenance tasks. If you feel the activities are a bit too hard to perform, always seek help from your mechanic. Below is a detailed discussion of some of the important car maintenance tasks that a driver can perform by his/herself.

It is important to check the level of the fluids in your vehicle, such as oil and the transmission fluid every morning before you start your car. Do not wait until the fluids run low, fill to the required levels. At the same time, regularly check the engine coolant level and add to the recommended level. To prevent the engine failure, ensure the fluids are at the right level as lack of it can lead to engine failure. You can make it a habit of checking these fluids, every start of the day before you start the car by allocating few minutes of your time.

Check the pressure in the car tyres and make sure it is at the required level. Tyres without the right pressure amount will wear fast and result in regular change. Note that by exceeding the required amount of pressure in a tyre will cause it to explode and consequently cause accident. Ensure you know the correct amount of pressure each car tyre should have.

Replace the engine air filters as they play a major role in ensuring the lifetime of the engine is extended. Air filters normally have dusts that accumulate on the air tube.

Another necessary routine check is regular change of engine oil as it ensures the smooth running of the engine. Check with your mechanic the number of times the oil should be changed, and after coverage of how many miles.

With the above do it yourself tasks, you will be increasing the lifespan of your vehicle and saving costs incurred through frequent car breakdowns.

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