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Be Like Celebrity Dog Lovers and Open Your Home to Rescued Dogs

When it comes to shelters across the United States, recent statistics have shown that every year, 1.6 million dogs are adopted by people. Do you know that this has become a practice among a number of famous celebrity dog lovers?

Can you name some celebrities who have opened their homes to these puppies from shelters? If you think that there are only a few of them, then you might want to think again.

The following are some celebrity names that you must take note of when it comes to their willingness of providing a new home to dogs that feel unwanted.

Zooey Deschanel decides to not just adopt one but two

The famous star of the New Girl TV show decided to visit an animal shelter last 2013 to be bringing home one dog. But then, despite here being a celebrity, what she had in mind did not really go out as planned.

At first, Zooey was only introduced to a long-coat dog that has brown eyes that is named Dot. She then found out that Dot has a similar looking sister named Zelda that she cannot live without.

In the past, these dogs were separated but it seems that they feel as if they are incomplete. Love was clear when both the dogs were not separated. Since Zooey does not want to break the connection of both, she then decided to have both of them adopted instead.

Selena Gomez: The avid dog adopter

The hit song of Selena entitled Good for You can be said to the sixth dog that she has rescued named Baylor. During that time, Selena was together with Justin Bieber who is another dog lover. It was the both of them who have decide to adopt Baylor a blue-eyed brown short-haired pup during their vacation.

Reports show that Baylor fit perfectly with the five other rescue dogs that Selena adopted. Even so, Selena has established a special kind of bond with Baylor. It seems that Selena always loves to take Baylor some walks while she is in New York or Los Angeles.

How Ryan Reynolds found his rescue dog

It seems that the Deadpool star cannot gush about how both his golden retriever Baxter and him are meant to be.

Sources show that Ryan was together with a friend in an animal shelter so that they can get his friend a furry pet. When Ryan saw Baxter, he whispered to the dog to get out of the animal shelter, and surprisingly the dog agreed The two then had a great connection.

George and Amal Clooney’s love for protecting dogs

When it comes to animals that have been abused, it is always the celebrity couple George Clooney and Amal Clooney that comes the rescue. The basset hound Millie they have adopted in 2015 always travels with them in style. Do not forget to check Pet Crates Direct if you would want to travel in style with your dog.

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