How to Care for Your Hat and Cap?

You have favorite Australian hats and caps which you always wear every where you go. They perfect your appearance. But the more time passes, the dirtier they are. Of course, you can not throw them away because they are your favorites. For this problem, here are 3 main ways to take care of them:

Get enough information about your hats and caps

You need material information so you know how to clean and take care of your hats and caps. You can find it from the tag which is inside your hats and caps. If there is no tag, try to find the information from the manufacture website. Besides material information, you can also find washing instruction.

Must learn do and don’t in taking care hats and caps

Here is some do and don’t that you must know:

Do list:

  • Use waterproof spray to avoid moisture damage
  • Wash the hat separately with other clothes
  • Always follow washing instruction

Don’t list:

  • Don’t every think use bleach because you can ruin the color. Some detergent has bleach so be careful.
  • Don’t use dryer because some hats and caps may shrink when they are exposed to extreme heat
  • Don’t let them dry in direct sunlight
  • Don’t put them in moisture place

Clean your hats and caps with right method

Here are steps to clean your hat and caps:

  1. Use stain remover if your hats and caps have stain. If the stain is stubborn, try using a soft toothbrush after you use stain remover. If there is no stain, you can directly jump to second step.
  2. Fill a bucket with warm water (remember, it not hot but warm) and mix it with detergent without bleach.
  3. Soak the hats and caps for 2-4 hours
  4. Use soft toothbrush to brush every part of the hats and caps. Don’t use too much strength
  5. Remove water and rinse with cool water. Rinse until all detergent is removed.
  6. Lightly squeeze out the water. Make sure you don’t ruin their shape
  7. Put they to air dry and avoid directly sunlight. You can try using fan to dry it.
  8. Wait until it dry to put it back to cupboard.

Now, you know how to take care of your Australian hats and caps. Please make sure, you take better care of them.